Purpose: The purpose of this job is to show agency administrators how they can save time by coping rule sets from existing


1. Click Administration

2. Click Learning Management

3. Click Audiences

4. Click Audiences



5. Click New


6.  Add Name(agency acronym first)

7.  Add Code (agency acronym first)

8.  Verify correct Domain

9.  Add Description - adding and audience description is helpful for other agency administrators to be 

able to identity why this audience is being used for activities, assignments etc.

10. Click Copy



11. Search for the existing audience that you would like to copy rule sets from

12. Select the radio button next to the existing audience

13. Click Next



14. Select the rule set(s) that you would like to copy to the new audience by checking and unchecking the rule set box.

15. Click Ok



16. Refresh the new audience and verify users



17. Click Ok



Continue this process if there are additional rule sets from other audiences that you would like to copy to your newly created audience.