Look over the two lists of software (links below) to see if the software is currently approved for installation.  If the software is listed and you would like to get it installed, submit a ticket using the steps below under "Submit a ticket using the DES IT Support Center". 

If you don't see the software listed, then Click Here to Request New software that hasn't been approved by DES-ETS.


Submit a ticket using the DES IT Support Center:

  1. Visit DES IT Support Center to enter a ticket. Click Here 

  2. Complete a ticket request by entering all of your information in the fields.

    • In Description, enter the cost code for purchasing the licensed software.  Not required for FREE software.

    • Under IT Request Type, choose Application/Software Support.

    • Under Application & Software Support, choose Install Software.

    • Select the name of the software you are requesting from the drop-down list.

    • Click the Submit button at the bottom of the screen.


  3. If required, ETS will purchase the license.  Then ETS IT4U will contact you to install the software on your PC.