In order to transition your Zoom meetings over to Teams meetings, you must first cancel the
Zoom meeting.

Note: You do not need to cancel the Outlook meeting, only the Zoom portion of the meeting and the instructions below will help you with that. 

  1. Open you Zoom meeting in Outlook.

  2. In the ribbon you will see the option to Cancel the Zoom meeting. You do not want to click on the Cancel Meeting button under Actions, that will cancel your entire meeting.


  3. Click Cancel and the Zoom portion of the meeting will disappear.
    Note: you will get a notification that your Zoom meeting has been deleted.

  4. Leave the meeting invite open, click on Teams Meeting and the Microsoft Teams meeting information will appear in the body of the calendar invite.


  5. Click Send Update to send the updated meeting invite to all participants.

Note: If you do not cancel the Zoom meeting before scheduling the Teams meeting, participants will have two options to join and this will cause confusion.  


If you still have Zoom and Teams meetings on your calendar throughout the day there are a couple of things you should be mindful of:

  • It was reported that audio does not always transition smoothly when you switch between Zoom and Teams meetings.

  • When you switch between Zoom and Teams meetings, it was reported that the camera feature is at a different angle, and you may have to adjust. 

  • If you have a virtual background turned on in Zoom, that virtual background will not be the same in Teams and you will need to choose a new one in Teams.


Chat History:

One final thing to be mindful of is you are not able to delete your chat history in Teams. Your individual chats, external to a Team will automatically be deleted in 7 days. As for the chat function within a Team, this retention schedule is currently being finalized.