Are you getting prompted to login when you try to access the new insideDES Sharepoint site?

Below are the steps you can take to get started using the new insideDES.


What Browser are you using?

  • Edge - Edge will not prompt you to login. You will be able to go straight to the new insideDES without logging in.

  • Chrome & Firefox - Both Chrome & Firefox will ask you to log in the first time you try to access the new insideDES page. 


If you are using Chrome or Firefox, here are the steps to proceed:

  1. Confirm your email address under the George Washington logo. If it is your email address, click Next to proceed.


  2. Click on re-enter my password.

  3. Enter your email address and your login password and click Sign in.

  4. If you have already set up MFA, you will be prompted for a verification code. If you have never set up MFA, you will need to do so. Click here to set up MFA.

    If you have set up MFA, enter the verification code that was just sent to your mobile device via text or the Authenticator App. 

  5. Click Yes on the Stay signed in screen.

  6. Setting up MFA will help you avoid having to set up additional security because it will use the verification information you set up to authenticate you in the future. Please follow the steps on setting up MFA that were mentioned in #4 above.

  7. If you get redirected to the WaTech SharePoint Online site (see example below), click this link to return to the DES insideDES intranet page.