A new addition to Zendesk is Agent Workspace. Agent Workspace enables agents to work seamlessly across Zendesk channels, all within a single ticket interface. Agents can use the appropriate channels to address issues, without being restricted to the channel in which the customer originally made contact.

When you open a ticket, you are taken to the main window (see example below). The example shows you exactly what some of those changes are.


A - Ticket conversations can include Support, Chat, and Talk.

B - Agent status (online, away, or invisible) and chats served appear at the top of the page.

C - Agents can open the Talk console at the top of the page to set Talk status and manage calls from the workspace (this function is only used by the IT4U team).

D - Customer context information, including interaction history, appears on the right side. Agents can use the context panel to toggle between customer context and Apps. If your account includes Guide, agents can also use the Knowledge panel to search, link, and quote your help center content in tickets.

E - To be compatible with chats and provide a more-natural conversation flow, ticket comments are arranged from oldest to newest, with the newest comments at the bottom.

F - The visitor path shows a list of websites the requester has viewed. The interaction history shows a list of Support events.