NOTE: A prerequisite is required. In order to gain the ability of inviting those outside of DES to access DES digital resources, one must first be part of the security group: “des-az role-guest inviter.” If you are not sure of this prerequisite being met, please submit a ticket to IT4U requesting to be added to the group. 


  1. Browse to the SharePoint Online site. 
  2. Wait for the site to fully load and click the Gear icon in the top right of the screen. 


  3. Click Site Permissions.


  4. To add the Guest as a Member of the group, click Add Members and then Add Members to Group: 

      1. If this site is from a Team, it will add them to the Team Group and give them access to all the Team resources, including the SharePoint Online site. To share the SharePoint Online site only, use “Share site only” to avoid sharing any other resources than the SharePoint Online site with the Guest. (“Share site only” directions to be detailed later in this document.)


      2. You will need to click Add Members one more time in a Group prompt. 

  5. If you chose to add as a Member to the Group, the directions will ask you to use Outlook. 


  6. Click the link and it’ll take you directly to the Group management area. Click Add Member.


  7. Type the email of the External individual you would like to add, then click the pop-up user preview and click Add. 

  8. The user will not be notified that they have been added via this method if they do not already have a Microsoft account. It might be advisable to send an email with the site URL that they have been added to. When they enter their email in the prompt, the site will provide directions to the user from there. 

 If you are having any trouble with these directions, please: Submit an IT request at IT Support 4U