NOTE: A prerequisite is required. In order to gain the ability of inviting those outside of DES to access DES digital resources, one must first be part of the security group: “des-az role-guest inviter.” If you are not sure of this prerequisite being met, please submit a ticket to IT4U requesting to be added to the group.

  1. Browse to the SharePoint Online site.  

  2. Wait for the site to fully load and click the Gear icon in the top right of the screen.


  3. Click Site Permissions


  4. Click Add Members -> Share site only 

  5. In the “Share site” prompt, fill in the full email address of the individual(s) you would like to share the site to. To add more than one, click the first user preview then enter another email address. Repeat as needed before using the “Add” button. 

  6. Change their access levels as needed, default is “Edit.” Click the down-carrot next to “Edit” to adjust. 

  7. You can now enter a custom invite message before adding the users to the site sharing permissions. If you do not add a message, a default invite email will be sent if you leave “Send email” checked. Click the Add button when finished. 
      • As the inviting person, you will be CC’d on the invite email. 


If you are having any trouble with these directions, please: Submit an IT request at IT Support 4U