NOTE: A prerequisite is required. In order to gain the ability of inviting those outside of DES to access DES digital resources, one must first be part of the security group: “des-az role-guest inviter.” If you are not sure of this prerequisite being met, please submit a ticket to IT4U requesting to be added to the group.

  1. Open the Teams desktop application and click the Teams navigation icon. 
  2. Locate the Team you would like to add a guest Member to. Click the ellipses and then click Add Member

  3. Type the email of the external individual and click the pop-up prompt to add <email> as a guest.
      • This will generate an invitation email and send it automatically. 
  4. The external individual now needs to accept the invitation from the email they receive. Once they do, a Guest Account will be created for your organization and added as a Member to the Team.

    NOTE for ADMINISTRATORS: This process will create an Azure account.

      • Email that user gets: 
  5. DES-ETS may need to reach out to WaTech or local system administrators to have Guest Users deleted as needed. 

If you are having any trouble with these directions, please: Submit an IT request at IT Support 4U