Role Needed: Agency Administrator


  1. Click on All Users shortcut in the left-hand navigation

  2. Search for User in the white box under the word users

  3. Click on their name

  4. Click on their name again in the slide out box (blue text at the top) on the right side of the screen

  5. Click on Personal on the left side of the screen

  6. Click on User Account and Personal Details

  7. Unselect Active, Login Enabled (UX only), Enable Mobile Access


  1. Change the Status to Inactive


  1. Click the Save button
  2. Click on Job Details to remove the Manager association.  Also, remove the Training Cost Approver, if applicable.



  1. Click the Save button
  2. If the employee has an organization on their account, click on Learning on the left side of the screen to expand the selection
  3. Select Organizations
  4. Select the Organization
  5. Click the Delete button