1. Select the item, either a folder or file
  1. In the upper-right corner, select Open the details pane mceclip0.png


  1. Under Apply label, select Choose a label to open the list of options.


        1.  Select the appropriate retention label for your document. (See Common Records and their Retention Requirements for what retention labels to use
        2. If a Save option appears, select it.


Applying a retention label to a Document Library

  1. Open the document library (if you are working with a Teams Library, click “Open in SharePoint”)
  2. Near the top right of window, select the Settings icon  mceclip3.png  


  1. Select Library settings.


  1. On the Settings page, under Permissions and Management, select Apply label to items in this list or library.


  1. On the Apply Label page, select the drop-down box, then select the label that you want to apply.

The label you select will be automatically applied to all new files added to the document library beginning now.


(See Common Records and Their Retention Labels for more information about what labels to use)

  1. Optional: To automatically apply the label to all files currently in the document library, select Apply label to existing items in the library.


  1. Select Save.