Microsoft Teams is the chat-centered workspace that is integrated with Microsoft 365. It gives teams instant access to everything they need in a dedicated hub for teamwork where chat, content, people, and tools live together in Microsoft 365. 

Understand Microsoft Teams 

Core Values

Microsoft Teams is designed for highly engaged teams that work closely together to get things done: 

  • Share updates and give feedback in the open
  • Make quick decisions and stay in the loop with team activities 
  • Coordinate on projects and tasks, including co-create content and deliverables 


All team sites are created by ETS by request. ETS will review each business case and determine if a new site is warranted. It may be that adding a channel to an existing team site is the solution.


A team site is designed to bring together a group of people that work closely to get things done. Team sites can be short-term for a project, as well as ongoing, to reflect the internal structure of your division or program. Conversations, files, and notes across team channels are only visible to members of the team.

Team sites are independent from each other. A user might be a member of more than one team site, but content cannot be shared between team sites.


A channel helps organize the team’s conversations, content, and tools around a specific topic. Channels can be organized, for example, by topic / events, discipline, project, or just for fun. Team owners can create channels and enable team members with the ability to create channels, as needed. Tabs along the top of a channel enable teams to keep files, notes, and customized content such as business goals on a Word doc or organizational chart on a PowerPoint slide.  This content is then easily accessible to everyone on the team.