System Decommissioning Plan for Zoom

Request for Scheduled Destruction of Non-Archival Records

Requested by: Robin Japhet

Division and program: Enterprise Technology Services

Document Date: October 13, 2022

Decommissioning Date: November 30, 2022 (may adjust)

System Name: Zoom

New System Name: Microsoft Teams

Description of decommissioned system: Zoom was used as video conferencing and instant messaging system for DES from 2020 – 2022.

Description of new system: Microsoft Teams is a collaboration tool that includes video conferencing and instant messaging.

Type of documents or information in decommissioned system: Instant messages and video recordings.

Records series and disposition authority numbers: Secondary (Duplicate) Copies (GS 50005); Informational Notifications and Communications (GS 50001); Requests for Basic/Routine Agency Information (GS 50002); Records Documented as Part of More Formalized Records (GS 50012)

Retention requirements: None – transitory record copies

We are working on the assumption that record copies of any messages or videos with retention requirements will be downloaded and saved outside of the application. This has been the instructions given to Zoom users.

Disposition plan: Users will be responsible for saving any messages or recordings with retention requirements. Copies of data still in Zoom at time of decommissioning will be deleted as transitory records.

File format(s): Videos can be exported to an mp4 file. Chat messages must be screenshotted.

Locations(s): Video recordings are stored in cloud-based storage. Users will be responsible for downloading copies and ensuring retention requirements are met.

Any chats with retention requirements will need to be screen-shotted by the users and saved offline.

Confidential or sensitive data:

☒Yes   ☐No   

If yes, explain: There are likely a variety of record and information types in this system. Users are responsible for proper use of the tool.


This plan meets the requirements of:

Washington State approved records retention schedules

Chapter 40.14 RCW Preservation and Destruction of Public Records

Chapter 434‐662 WAC Preservation of Electronic Records


Sign and Date

Program Administrator: Robin Japhet

Electronic System Administrator(s): Erica Freymond

Agency Records Officer: Rachel Thompson

Approved  Yes_x__   No___   Date 10/18/2022



In the event of a public records request or litigation hold, do not destroy any records under this plan that have been identified as responsive. Contact the Agency Records Officer. Wait for notification that this plan can be resumed, and the records can be destroyed.

Contact the Agency Records Officer when there is a new version of the State Government General Records Retention Schedule V 6.0 or the DES Records Retention Schedule V 2.0 to update this plan as needed.