If you need to access the internet and VPN at a location without internet access, or you’re unable to connect due to outages or other disruptions, you can setup a hotspot. A hotspot uses a cellular signal to create a remote internet connection.  

DES partners with Verizon to provide hotspots. If you have poor cell reception at your location, a hotspot will not be a good solution for you.

Details and costs

DES offers two options for hotspots with unlimited data:

  1. Mobile hotspot on a state-issued cell phone: $5/month
  2. External MiFi hotspot: $100 one-time device purchase and then $45/month

Request a hotspot

Your supervisor must submit a ticket to DES IT Support 4U with cost code and details if you want:

  • A hotspot added to your state-issued cell phone
  • An external MiFi device

Request a state-issued cell phone

A state-issued cell phone costs $39.99 per month for each user. You can request one by sending a completed Mobile Device Approval Form to desitsupport4u@des.wa.gov